SIREN'S CALL OF THE CAVES: is about the journey of three girls, Jami, Daphne, and Jasmine, who are in junior high in the 1950's.  The girls are always finding new ways to
run away from home when they are bored.  One day they go to Jami's attic and tell scary stories.  Jami comes up with a thrilling tale.  It takes place in Abbott's Well, in the
woods of a small Tennessee town.  There are seven bone-bodies down in this Well, and they tell their tales of how they ended up at the bottom, never to return to civilization again.

This book is also on and Barnes and Noble.

Jo Lynn Jamison
This is Jo's second book, and it is co-written with Lela, who calls her "Nana Jo."  Her new found profession as an author has become her passion.  Go to YouTube:  http://www.
You to see her videos. 

Lela Mae Elliott:
Lela, twelve years old, lives in a small town in Northwest Kansas.  She enjoys reading, writing, singing and spending time with her best friend.  She dreams of becoming a
writer/singer by the time she turns thirty.  Lela began writing at age nine, and most of these writings were short stories.

Cave in well

Bottom of cave

Looking up

Bone body


Cave bottom



Accidentally Deliberate