Accidentally Deliberate


This is my second children's book.  It is a collaboration of what my cousins and I put together. The story in the book is about a "Pink Princess"who has some friends known as,  "The Purple Unicorn,"and "The Star People." They all live in a place called "Whateverland."  This is a very magical place that makes you have pleasant dreams while you are sleeping.  The story was told by a father, Dennis, to his two daughters, Athena and Krystal, when they were very young, in order to keep them from having bad dreams.  It is a true story in the sense that these people really do exist, but the characters are fantastical beings, and that is what makes it magical.
He would set them, on his lap, outside of the house, on the driveway of their home, and watch the sun set.  As it slowly set in the Western sky, and the clouds began to turn pink, he would tell them that the "Pink Princess" was in those clouds, which is why they were turning pink, and would come down into their home to help them have wonderful dreams and keep them safe.
I wish all children, including myself, had fathers who loved them so much that they would tell them this type of bedtime story in order to help them have a great night's sleep.The release date will be the first week of October 2013.  I have written two songs, which are on a CD, to go with this book.  One is titled, "Happy Song," and the other is titled,  "Come Away With Me."
The first song will be sung in classrooms across the country when we do book reviews and readings.  I would like the second song to be played at night to help put the children to sleep.  It is a softer and longer song that tells of all of the fantastical characters in "Whateverland."  Hopefully children will fall asleep to it every night.  There will be night shirts available as well, and they will have the image of the "Pink Princess" on them, as is shown on the cover of the book.  My co-author is Denison Gundy.  Inside drawings are done by his wife, Irene Gundy, and the cover art work is done by, now, 17-year-old Athena Gundy.  Some of the characters were named by, now, 10-year-old Krystal Gundy.
The Gundy family and I hope you will be looking forward to this book coming out soon, and reading it to your wonderful children for a safe night's keeping.  It will make a great Christmas present for your kids!