Accidentally Deliberate

This is Jo Lynn here: .............. WELCOME TO MY WEB SITE. :) 
I'm a first time author, who will enjoy guiding you through my book, which contains information about abuse (childhood rape, trauma, spousal abuse, and being mugged on the street).  It also contains information about the Law of Attraction, spirituality, and death and dying.
Check out the chapter on sailing through the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.....  See how I survived!
The book is in loving memory of my mother, Mary Lea, who I was very close to.  You can go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Xlibris to order my book.
I have also written two other books: "SIREN'S CALL OF THE CAVES" (released in 2009) and "PLEASANT DREAMS" ( released August 2013).   Both are children's books and very different.  Both based on true stories of my life.  Go to header to click on them.  I have now added two more children's books:  "A WORLD OF MYSTERY AND WONDERMENT," and

"WHATEVERLAND"  Whimsical and Wonderful   (Pleasant Dreams Part Two) in 2018.

Please take a moment to visit my friend Rusty Warren, at Rusty's web site http://www.rustywarren.com/.  Click on multimedia/on stage.