Suggested books on Abuse:

1. "Next Time, She'll Be Dead"                                                                                   12.   "Meant to be"                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Battering and How To Stop It                                                                                               A memoir
Author: Ann Jones                                                                                                               Author: Walter Anderson

2. "If I Am Missing or Dead"                                                                                               
A sister's story of Love, murder & liberation
Author: Janine Latus

3. "Violence Against Women"
There are other books in the CC series...
a. Alcoholism b. Drug trafficking c. Free speech d. Women in the military e. Police brutality f. Sexual harassment g. Youth violence
Author: Current Controversies

4. "Straight Talk About Child Abuse"
Author: Susan Mufson, C.S.W., and Rachel Kranz

5. "No Language But A Cry"
Author: Dr. Richard D'Ambrosio

Suggested books on Spirituality and Self-Help:

1. "Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life"
Living the Wisdom of the Tao
Author: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

2. "Spiritual Marketing"
A proven 5-step formula for easily creating wealth from the inside out
Author: Joe Vitale

3. "You Can Heal Yourself"
Author: Louise L. Hay

4. "The Breakthrough Experience"
A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation
Author: Dr. John F. Demartini

5. "Your Destiny Switch"
Master Your Way
Author: Peggy McColl

6. "The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History"
Author: Joe Vitale

7. "A Return To Love"
Reflections on the Principals of A Course in Miracles
Author: Marianne Williamson

8. "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success"
Author: Depak Chopra

9. "Simple Truths"
Clear and Gentle Guidance on the Big Issues in Life
Author: Kent Nerburn

10. "Bringers of the Dawn"
Teachings from the Pleiadians
Authro: Barbara Marciniak

11. "Return to the Garden"
Author: Shakti Gawain

12. "7 Keys of Changing--Your Life, Health and Wealth"
Author: Linda McNeil

13. "EDGAR CAYCE The Sleeping Prophet"
The Life, Prophecies and Readings of America's Most Famous Mystic
Author: Jess Stearn

14. " End of Days" Predictions and Prophesies About the END OF THE WORLD
Author: Sylvia Browne

Suggested books on writing:

1. "How to Prepare Your Manuscript"
Author: David L. Carroll

2. "How To Write a Children's Book and Get It Published"
Author: Babara Seuling

3. "Writing the Natural Way"
Author: Gabriele Lusser Rico

4. "How to Get Happily Published"
Author: Judith Appelbaum

5. "Writing Creatively"
Author: Joan D. Berbrich

6. " Maybe You Should Write a Book"
With Encouragement, Inspiration and Advice to Help You Become a Writer
Author: Ralph Daigh

7. "How To Write A Damn Good Novel"
Author: James N. Frey

8. "The Seed and the Vision"
On the Writing and Appreciation of Children's Books
Author: Eleanor Cameron

9. "Thunder and Lightning"
Cracking Open the Writer's Craft
Author: Natalie Goldberg

10. "Writing Down the Bones"
Freeing the Writer Within
Author: Natalie Goldberg

Other suggested Materials:

1. Movies: "The Secret" (Centuries Old Secrets transformed Lives of: Beethoven, Carnegie, Einstein, Newton, and Shakespeare)
Prime Time Productions

2. "What The Bleep Do We Know?" (Science and Spirituality come together)
20th Century Fox

3. "Presentations/Adams (this is a book)
Proven Techniques for Creating Presentations That get Results / Critical Skills for Your Business
Author: Daria Price Bowman

Jo Lynn's history:

I was a professional entertainer for 44 years,massage therapist for 28 years, and in a myriad of other
professions throughout my years in the workforce (you can email me to find out what those were if
you are interested). I am currently retired, and enjoying my new-found passion as an author.
My first book was released onSeptember 30, 2008.You may go to other links: You Tube, Writing Room, and Good Reads
to view videos and other information about me. I hope none of you ever have to experience what I went through
with abuse, but I ended up quite happy and content, with a wonderful sense of humor.
There isn't anything I won't discuss-----if you ask me a question, make sure you want to know the
answer, because I will be frank and honest. I would love feedback about my book if you read it. :)
My hobbies are:Traveling, Golf, playing Chess and Scrabble, going to movies, and entertaining
for special events.

Click on the You Tube Icon at bottom right corner of the above video to see more about me.

Contact me through my email address when you click on the "contact me" in the header.

I have also been an artist throughout my life; working with pastels over pen and ink drawings, and oils.  The cover art on my first two books is mine.  I have had some art shows in cities I've lived in, and enjoyed some sales from those art shows.  It takes me out of myself, where my music is who I was for so many years.  Now I sing for special events, and in assisted living and nursing facilities around the area I live in.  I moved back to my hometown in Kansas  to have a full hip replacement in 2006.  Stayed there for 4 years and now I live in one of my favorite cites.  I still dance during some of my performances, and love it as much as I ever did, though I don't move quite as fast, nor am I nearly as flexible as I used to be. :) :)

What I hope for everyone is:  do some real living while you are alive! It makes for good book material as well as a few stories over cocktails now and then. :)  I don't live in the past, but enjoy visiting it whenever possible to see the good and fun things about my life.  The hurt, pain, and anger have all but vanished now, and I believe I have done as much work on forgiveness as I know how at this time, and pray people whom I need forgiveness from are willing to go there.

I believe it is a sad thing to have regrets, so I don't.  What I do believe is that I might have changed a few things if I'd had the smarts to see things a little clearer when I was younger, but then, who of us wouldn't change that about our youth and early adulthood?   Mostly,  I just want to have a peaceful, calm and loving existence from now on.

Be good to yourselves, for you may be the only one who will do that for you, and it certainly makes life a lot better in the long run I can tell you.  I really hope we can all learn to help take care of each other..................WE DESERVE IT!!!!!!

Love and Light,


Accidentally Deliberate

I turn 72 in August of 2018, and still have a lust for life and living it to the fullest! I have slowed down just a little though.  What I know for sure, is that I don't know anything for sure!  I have a short "bucket list," because I did a lot of living when I was a professional entertainer.

I got to travel all over the United States, Hawaii, and the Bahamas.  I experienced things most people wouldn't even think of doing, just because I wanted to know what it felt like, or that I could, or maybe just because it presented itself!  :)

I believe we ought to give ourselves the"gift"of friends who will be there through thick and thin.  One thing I will not do, is go through a day without laughing to the point of no return...........on my way to the bathroom. :)  Laughter is good for my heart and every other part of me, except my bladder!  Laughter can cure a lot of things including keeping my sanity.   If I don't have a sense of humor about myself I have nothing.

As we all have; I've had my share of things that really went wrong in my life, but I hope that I am a better person for it...........if not, shame on me........and I'm going to be learning new things, and working on myself until I die, which I hope won't be for quite some time!!